About Our Products

Our Artisan Nuts and Snacks

Captain Crazy’s Insanely Good Nuts and Fine Snacks

All our recipes have been developed by us, and we are the creators of all our offerings. Our nuts are made for nut lovers.

The raw nuts we use are sourced from the finest growers in the country, and we always choose the largest size available.

The seasonings that make up our original blends come from specialty purveyors in small batches to assure ultimate freshness.

Our unique infusion technique means the flavor is absorbed into the nut, creating a deep, satisfying taste. Our nuts are not candy-coated.

Our nuts are roasted by hand in small batches. We use no oil and there’s no frying.

Our smoked nuts are done in a real smoker. There’s no liquid smoke used in our products.

Our snack mixes start with one of our handcrafted nut flavors, which is then combined with other tasty ingredients plus spices and flavorings.