About Captain Chris and Christy

We are Captain Chris and Christy Johnson

We owned and operated a successful fishing charter company in the Florida Keys for 17 years. We started with one boat and one Captain and grew that business to a multi-vessel fleet with a full-time staff of professional Captains and deckhands.

In 2021, it was time for a change of scenery and a new creative challenge. So, we sold our charter business and our Keys home and moved to beautiful Lake County in central Florida. Our energy and love of building businesses shifted to the creation of Captain Crazy’s Nuts and Fine Snacks.

We got started in the nut business because we were tired of finding only inferior products from big brands and small companies alike. They were all the same old flavors with no creativity or they were so heavily candy-coated you couldn't find the nut. We decided we could do better and so we did. What started as a hobby in 2019 to create nuts that are what we expect in quality and taste became our full-time passion in 2021.

Our artisan nuts and snacks are made by hand in small batches for big flavor. Every flavor combination was developed by us. High quality ingredients and our original flavor infusion technique combine for snacks with a deep, satisfying taste that is insanely good!

The same attention to detail, demand for the highest quality and extraordinary customer service that served to build our charter company go into every facet of Captain Crazy’s. In just a few short months, we grew from a Cottage Industry food-maker selling at farmer’s markets to a full-blown gourmet food company with a retail and e-commerce presence, and we continue to grow in all aspects.

Thank you for supporting Captain Crazy’s Nuts and Fine Snacks, and we hope you enjoy our offerings as much as we enjoy making them.

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